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Getting Here

Your journey to our film festival is itself an adventure! Whether you're navigating scenic routes in your car or exchanging tales with fellow film enthusiasts on your commute, the journey promises excitement, anticipation, and picturesque views. Each route to our festival crafts the backdrop for the cinematic adventures that await you.


 Choose your quest, but remember, each path holds its own tale



to your destination


Crafting the Cinematic Road to Santa Maria, Laguna:

Via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX):

  • Start with the bustling scenes of Metro Manila and venture onto the SLEX.

  • Fade from the cityscape as you exit at Calamba and segue onto the National Highway.

  • Cut through panoramic shots of towns like Bay, Pila, and Santa Cruz.

  • Following Santa Cruz, head past Siniloan until the crossroads at Famy. Heading westward the National Highway leads our narrative towards Santa Maria.

  • Upon your act break in Santa Maria, a subplot begins: finding Barangay Pao-o. Head northwards from the Santa Maria Municipal Hall via Brgy Coralan. But brace yourself, for the path that lies ahead to the Santa Maria Open Air Cinema is as bumpy as the plot twists in a thriller movie. A mere 3 km, but sharp turns, steep roads and bumps add to the anticipation.

Via Manila East Road:

  • Begin with a drone shot above Manila, then pan towards Taytay.

  • As you continue, you're treated to a montage of towns, featuring Angono, Binangonan, Cardona, Morong, Baras, Tanay and Pililla.

  • The transition to Laguna introduces a new chapter with the town of Mabitac.

  • Reach the climax at Santa Maria, then a gentle transition to Barangay Pao-o via Barangay Coralan. But hold onto your seat, the 3 km ride to the Santa Maria Open Air Cinema promises a steep and bumpy adventure, adding texture to our cinematic journey.

Via Marilaque Highway:

  • Start with urban Marikina. The Marilaque Highway promises a visual symphony of transitions from urban locales to the untouched terrains of Rizal.

  • Pan through Cainta, frame the beauty of Antipolo, and capture the essence of Tanay, Rizal.

  • The Marilaque narrative unfolds, suddenly revealing a slice of Laguna in the Sierra Madre. Watch out for signs right after KM 74.

  • A transition to Barangay Pao-o leads to a bumpy 5 km pathway, a tactile experience before the grand set of the Santa Maria Open Air Cinema unfurls.

Via Rizal Province:

  • This is the indie route: raw, scenic, and filled with charm. It's a mosaic of scenes from Antipolo, Teresa, and Morong. Join Marilaque from here, or go all the way to Baras and Tanay to head up Marilaque via Tanay-Sampaloc Road.

  • Although it's a longer narrative, the authentic shots of Rizal transitioning to Laguna are intriguing. But remember, the path to art is rarely smooth, so be prepared for a bumpy climax as you approach the Santa Maria Open Air Cinema. The riveting end to a captivating journey.

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