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Our Impact

Empowering New Voices

By emphasizing our mantra "See what others can't," we've provided a platform for artists and creators often overlooked in mainstream circuits. Emerging filmmakers and musicians have found not just an audience but a community with us


Boosting Local Economy

The festival has significantly increased tourism in Santa Maria, Laguna. Local businesses, especially those in hospitality and food sectors, have experienced a positive surge during our festival seasons


Recognizing our responsibility towards the environment, we've incorporated eco-friendly practices. From waste management to energy sources, our commitment to sustainability ensures we tread lightly on our beautiful locale


Through collaborations and partnerships, we've established connections with international film and music festivals. This has facilitated cultural exchange and provided our local creators with global exposure.

Supporting Local Talent

Beyond international participants, we've made it a priority to spotlight and support local talent, ensuring they have a fair chance to showcase their brilliance and make connections that benefit their careers.

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